Cleveland, Ohio.



NO. 1


This is a complete branding project and website completed for a capstone project at Kent State University. The project includes a brand kit/identity, menu design, package design and (the biggest piece) the web design portion.

NO. 2


The goal for this project was to educate readers on the process that goes into making your cup of coffee. From the very beginning with beans being roasted to the shot of espresso being pulled at home or in a cafe.

NO. 3


This project composed of three different classic novels selected by myself, one of which was Fahrenheit 451 where the goal was to redesign the cover to make the book more intriguing to a younger audience.

NO. 4


This project was commissioned by a client specifically looking for business cards for their personal audio engineering business. After multiple iterations, this is where we ended up.


I'm Logan Campbell

Recent college grad, average baker, self-titled espresso connoisseur, and tech enthusiast.

I'm a creative designer specializing in branding, web design, and user experience design. Outside of my design space you can typically find me traveling (mostly to NYC), making espresso, baking or spending time with my partner.